The 4th Student Conference on Philosophy

The 4th Student Conference on Philosophy

We are proud to announce that the department and the student association of philosophy at Tarbiat Modarres University will hold the 4th student conference on philosophy on the World Philosophy Day, Wednesday, 15 November 2017. Students of philosophy, as well as those interested in the subject, can submit their articles to the conference email address for evaluation.

Conference email address:

Submission deadline: Sunday, 22 October 2017

Note: The deadline will not be extended under any circumstances.


Note: If accepted, articles can be presented via video conferencing.

The Structure of the Detailed Abstract:

۱) The text should be 1500 to 2000 words (this includes references etc.).

۲) Author(s) credentials should be mentioned at the beginning of the article (credentials include name, email, phone number, latest degree, and university).

۳) The conference theme is not limited.

۴) The author(s) must structure the article in accordance with the style provided below (articles not conforming to the style will be rejected)

۵) Submit your file exclusively in Microsoft Word format.

۶) Articles are only accepted in Persian or English languages.

Faculty members and graduate students cannot apply to the conference.

Style Guide

The title page should include article title (B Lotus 13), author(s) name (B Lotus 13), academic rank, the name of the university or affiliated organization (the same font), phone number, and author e-mail, respectively.

– Comments and English equivalents (for Persian articles) should be inserted as footnotes.

– Quotation references (direct and indirect): Author name, Year of publication: Page number

– When an author has published more than one cited document in the same year, these are distinguished by adding lower case letters (a,b,c, etc) after the year of publication.

– Non-Persian sources should be referred to using the original language.

– If a book has more than three authors, the abbreviation “et al.” should be used after the name of the first author. Works without an author name should be referred to by title. Works compiled by an institute or organization should be referred to by the name of the institute or organization.

– The references should be placed at the end of the article in alphabetical order as follows:

* For books: Surname, Name (Authors). (Year of publication). Title. The names of contributors (editors, translators, etc.). Edition. Place of publication: Publisher.

For books without an author name: Title. (Year of publication). Edition. Place of publication: Publisher.

For books compiled by an institution: the name of the institution. (Year of publication). Title Edition. Place of publication: Publisher.

* For articles: Surname, Name (authors). (Year of publication). “Title”. Journal name. period/ year. Page numbers in ascending order.

* For anthologies: Surname, Name (authors). (Year of publication). “Article Title”. Editor or collector’s name. Anthology Title. Place of publication: Publisher. Page numbers.

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